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NonGMO haylage for all your farm animals

Who We Are

Skyview Acres is an authorized Alfahay distributor in the Winchester, VA area. We are a traditional, family farm working to provide healthy, nutritious, delicious pasture based meats to our customers.

As a dealer for Alfahay, our goal is to provide other farmers with the same, high quality product we use for our own livestock.

What Is Alfahay?

Alfahay comes in a 50 pound bag and is the closest thing to fresh cut alfalfa. Alfahay is a NON-GMO alfalfa. Alfahay is for horses, cattle, pigs, deer, goats, sheep, birds, and exotics. Unlike other feeds that are dried, Alfahay is cut and packed with its natural moisture. This locks in all the fresh nutrition of the plant. Alfahay then undergoes a fermentation process after being bagged to produce beneficial yeasts and bacteria. That’s why we call it “Probiotic Alfalfa In A Bag.”

Free of Dust
Alfahay being dust free eliminates respiratory issues in animals sensitive to dust and mold spores.

Highest Quality
Alfahay is grown in the heart of Iowa. Iowa soils are some of the richest soils in the Midwest.

Alfahay is compact so it takes up less room than conventional hay. It’s also able to be stored outside.

Ease of Digestion
Alfahay is naturally fermented which makes more nutrients available to be processed and absorbed by the digestive system

Maintains a healthy immune system due to beneficial bacteria created by the natural fermentation process in the Alfahay.

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